67-70 Mustang Power Steering Pitman Arm


Cost: $70

Used original 67-70 pitman arm for cars with power steering and  1-1/8″ sector shaft.  Ford part #: C7ZA-3590-C.  This part has been media blasted and painted.

We also stock:

  • The same power steering pitman arm as above but with Ford Part #: C9ZA-3590-A. $70 ea.
  • 67-70 manual steering pitman arms. $70 ea.
  • 67 1″ sector shaft manual or power steering pitman arms. $70 ea.
  • 65-66 pitman arms for both manual or power steering. $70 ea.
  • New reproduction 65-6 pitman arms for both manual or power steering that sell for $99.95 ea.

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